Maintenance & Facility Support Services

Hollyfort provide a full range of Facility Support & Facility Management Services with our in-house team of highly-skilled, experienced Maintenance Technicians & Maintenance Managers. Our helpdesk is operational 24/7/365 to deliver excellent customer service and a rapid resolve for your problems.

We offer Assessments & Audits to establish the condition of your assets, our Technicians will then give guidance and recommendations on these assets & installations to ensure their integrity & longevity. Our Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programs are developed with considerations that reflect all recent regulations and best practice. All the while, our team will investigate all possibilities to implement improvements in the environmental impact and energy management of your assets. Hollyfort team comply with the highest levels of Health & Safety Standards which are rigorously enforced alongside our ISO accreditations.

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Planned Preventative Maintenance


From statutory compliance and best practice asset management, we design and adhere to annual planned preventative maintenance.

Our asset management system creates a calendar for each contract which is shared with our clients and reported on as part of our monthly and quarterly reports.

Following manufacturer guidelines and the highest industry standards we aim to deliver real value, and will carry out necessary tasks to prolong the life of the asset, whilst minimising reactive call outs.


Reactive Emergency Callout 


We operate a 24/7/365 helpdesk service for our clients to allow us to respond to all emergency call outs.

Our helpdesk team coordinate the mobile technicians and prioritise tasks in line with our service level agreements.

If you one of your assets stops working, our team will investigate the issue, and will carry out necessary tasks to get your assets back in working order.  

Renewable Energy Maintenance


We are passionate about optimising energy consumption.

Through our energy maintenance we will help you build and maintain a strategy that will help you become as energy efficient as possible. We can implement changes to reduce your energy consumption. 

We are ideally positioned to tailor and optimise your energy assets, whether through operational cost reduction, energy efficiency initiatives, or on-site generation of renewable energy solutions.


Other Facility Support Services


By anticipating issues that may arise, we can make small changes that in the long run will curtail bigger issues occurring down the line, and ultimately reduce downtime and costs. 

We regularly engage with Facility Managers to offer further support services such as cleaning, groundskeeping and on site maintenance technicians.

More and more clients are looking to consolidate their service delivery for all non-core services allowing them to focus on their own core business.

With dedicated FM supports we have the expertise to provide a fully integrated service bundle to our clients across both hard and soft services, as well as Energy Management.


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