Technological University Dublin – Bolton Street

Location Bolton Street, Dublin 1
Engineers FCC Fire Cert Ltd.
Architects Crean Salley

Project Brief

As part of the TU Dublin Public Procurement Building Framework, we were awarded a project in this neo-classical three storey building located in Bolton Street, North Dublin.

Our primary task was to carefully and effectively remove hazardous asbestos materials from the premises and install advanced fire-stopping measures that would guarantee the safety and protection of all individuals in the building.

Our team took great pride in performing this critical project in such a prestigious building, ensuring that it was completed with the highest level of professionalism and care to provide a secure and protected environment for all occupants and visitors of the building.


Project Specifications


  • Doors to service risers to be replaced with FD60s fire door sets
  • Replace doors and adjust frames to accommodate new doors and seals
  • Fire stop riser at all floor levels & all ceiling voids
  • Install 60 minute fire resistance in openings to upper floors and ceiling void
  • Damper to be relocated to sit in wall
  • Fire resisting pillows to be installed in trunkings.