St.Vincent’s Private Hospital

LOCATION Merrion Road, Dublin 4
VALUE Confidential
COMPLEXITIES Live Hospital Access Area

Project Brief

We were awarded the contract to utilise the Courtyard space as an emergency overflow canteen, increasing capacity for hospital staff.

The success of this extremely complex project depended on intricate planning and coordination, to install a large unit on a very strict schedule. A 500-ton Liebherr crane was used to lift a 15-ton modular unit into a courtyard in a live hospital environment. This very precise lift was conducted with less than a meter of leeway on each side of occupied, operational hospital units.

Additional consideration was required for the emergency resuscitation tunnel connecting St. Vincent’s Private Hospital to St. Vincent’s University Hospital, underneath the 500 ton crane.

Project Specifications

Supply and Install Large Modular Steel Frame Unit to serve as Overflow Staff Canteen Accommodation.

  • Traffic Management Plan/Road licence
  • Link Corridor – Break Through to Main Hospital
  • Crane Supply & Operation
  • Remove & Reinstate Security Barriers to allow for cranage & delivery of unit.
  • Fire Alarm in accordance with IS 3218:2013
  • Connections to Existing Sprinklers & Smoke Heads, Fire Panels.
  • Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Commissioning
  • Unit Specs: Roof BSC Colorcoat Trapezoidal steel sheeting on breather felt on roof joists. Plastisol coated steel trims, fascia and drips. Hardwood double glazed windows – Fire rated.
  • Rigid high impact resistant walls bolted to floor chassis. Maintenance free B.S.C. colorcoat steel exterior. Dense rigid polystyrene slab insulation.
  • Fire Specs: 2No. Sounders, 3No. Smoke Detectors & Emergency Lighting.