St. James’s Hospital – Bathroom Fit-Out

Location St. James's, Dublin 8
Value <€500,000.00
Special Live Site in Main Entrance of Acute Hospital
Design SJH in house architects

Project Brief

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team undertook a challenging project in St. James’s Hospital Dublin’s Main Concourse. Despite the many obstacles presented by the pandemic, we successfully completed the fit-out with a high-quality finish. It was an unprecedented time, but we were able to work safely and efficiently, even in the hospital’s busiest area. We would like to commend all the staff involved for their dedication and support throughout the project.

Project Specifications

  • Extraction system upgrade
  • Air system setup
  • Demolition of existing area
  • LST radiators installation
  • Pipework system placement
  • Cabling system installation
  • Installation & commissioning of fire alarm, detector points, socket outlets, evacuation bells, and manual call points.