Specialising in Construction & Facility Support Services in Restricted & Live Environments.

We have over 25 years of experience in the delivery of specialist maintenance & the successful completion of thousands of complex projects. We possess the specific expertise required to operate safely and successfully in restricted & live environments, while ensuring there are no interruptions to your services, throughout the duration of the works.

Our continued successes are a testament to the quality of work carried out by our team of highly skilled technicians and the professional service.

Hollyfort have unwavering confidence in our ability to exceed our client’s expectations and we take great pride in doing so.

Construction & Refurbishment

We are a leading main contractor with millions worth of successfully completed projects every year.

Our portfolio of previous projects demonstrates our ability to successfully complete the most intricate projects in restricted & live environments. We owe our successes to excellent quality craftmanship, our outstanding on-site safety culture and a keen eye for detail. We are committed to achieve the most sustainable and responsibly developed projects.

The key to success, we believe, is our culture of working with our clients, not for our clients. We form strong relationships which allows us to understand our client’s needs and deliver flexible, value based solutions.
We have a proven track record working in a diverse range of sectors and for clients from multinationals to state bodies.

Hollyfort desire to embrace the latest ICT and deliver service of unparalleled quality and distinction ensures we always exceed client expectations.

Maintenance & Facility Support Services

Hollyfort provide a full range of Facility Support & Facility Management Services with our in-house team of highly-skilled, experienced Maintenance Technicians & Maintenance Managers. Our helpdesk is operational 24/7/365 to deliver excellent customer service and a rapid resolve for your problems.

We offer Assessments & Audits to establish the condition of your assets, our Technicians will then give guidance and recommendations on these assets & installations to ensure their integrity & longevity. Our Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programs are developed with considerations that reflect all recent regulations and best practice. All the while, our team will investigate all possibilities to implement improvements in the environmental impact and energy management of your assets.

Hollyfort team comply with the highest levels of Health & Safety Standards which are rigorously enforced alongside our ISO accreditations.

Our Accreditations

  • SFG20

Our Work

At Hollyfort we have a commitment to achieving the highest industry standards and leading the way with innovations.

Our passionate pursuit of uncompromising standards and customer satisfaction has gained us a loyal customer base and a reputation for excellence.

We are committed to maintaining the standards set out in our ISO Policies under HSEQ.
Our successful delivery of thousands of contracts and millions of euro's worth of capital projects demonstrate this commitment.